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        1. Professional Maid Service for Chicago and Suburbs
          The types of cleaning we offer:

          Basic residential cleaning          Home cleaning, condo cleaning, studio cleaning..
          Basic commercial cleaning        Light commercial cleaning.

          Post renovation cleaning           After-renovation cleaning.

          Move in cleaning                         Cleaning service for tenants and landlords.

          Move out cleaning                       Cleaning service for tenants and landlords.

          Spring cleaning                           Offered around the year very detailed and intensive cleaning.

          Deep cleaning                              Very detailed and customized cleaning.                      

          • 1 bath condo $72, 2 baths condo $96, 3 baths condo/ house $144

          • Sundays and holidays

          • 24hrs or $35 to cancel

          • $72 minimum/Lady

          • Hours 7am-7pm Mon-Sat (special requests on Sundays/holidays)
          Contact Information

          773-744-2334   or   773-827-8900

          Email :          management@

          Address :    PO BOX 72111       Roselle, IL 60172
          Clearly Clean Services Inc.

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          Any damages incurred during the performance of our cleaning service have to be
          reported right away or shortly after the cleaning service and no later than the same day
          of that particular cleaning service being performed.
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